NUOS Zigbee Scene Controller

7,999 + GST



  1. Wireless and Manual Control for One-touch Scene/Pre-set Implementation
  2. From Switch Control for Without App Control Cloud Connected
  3. Cloud Connected
  4. Secure Access
  5. Easy Setup
  6. Works with Android & iOS User Applications


  1. Dimensions: 45 mm x 48 mm x 45 mm
  2. Weight: 100 g
  3. Networking Interface: Built-in 2.4 GHz Zigbee radio
  4. Communication Range:20m P2P (tested in lab conditions)
  5. Buttons: 4 Touch Buttons for controlling 4 individual scene/pre-sets
  6. Power Method: Communicates with up to 6 wireless touch switches in the same room
  7. Power Supply: 85 – 265 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz, 1ph
  8. PoE: N/A
  9. Maximum TX Power 2.4 GHz: +/- 1.5dBm
  10. Antennas 2.4 GHz: Internal PCB Antenna
  11. Wireless Security: Supports AES 128-bit Encryption
  12. Data Rate: Supports wireless data rates of up to 250 kbitps
  13. Mounting: Snaps into switch plate
  14. Operating Temperature: -20 to +60°C
  15. Operating Humidity: 95%
  16. Certifications: RoHS, CE Class A Compliance (Self Declaration)

Safety Information:

  1. Use for devices/appliances that fall within the specified rated voltage and power limits. Invariably check your device/appliance manual for the details.
  2. Meant for Indoor use and Domestic purposes only.
  3. Installation must be done in cool and dry places. Moisture may cause product malfunctioning

Legal Disclaimer:

  1. Loss or damages resulting from unauthorized adaptations/adjustments/tampering/improper installation of the product are not covered. Also, Accidental/Physical/Water damages and damages due to High Voltage burnouts are out of the purview.
  2. Product has to be used in a specific way and for the specified purposes specified in the user’s manual. Any deviation/s found in usage may cause malfunction in the product and may lead to any kind of failure.

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