Hind by NUOS – Touchless Thermal Doorbell Switch

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India’s first ever safety measure to ensure a safe, infection free home.

Hind by NUOS – Touchless Thermal Doorbell Switch is completely touchless and automatically detects the person standing in front, using infrared sensing.

It can be installed by replacing your Doorbell Switch.

  • Touchless Thermal Doorbell Switch
  • Easy to install retrofit
  • Sound indication for high temperature
  • Detects elevated body temperature with result under 1 second
  • No human intervention
  • Distance Sensor

How does it work?

Touchless and Automatic

Hind by NUOS – Touchless Thermal Doorbell is completely touchless and automatic.

When there is no one at the door

When no one is standing in front of the doorbell, a blue indicator LED is on.

When there is someone at the door

Scenario 1:
When a person with a body temperature between 33°C-38°C takes his palm within 5cm of the doorbell, the blue indication LED starts blinking and the bell rings once.

Scenario 2:
When a person with body temperature between 38°C-41°C takes his palm within 5 cm of the doorbell, the red indication LED starts blinking and the bell rings for 3 times, stipulating a problem.

When the person moves away from front of the doorbell, blue indicator LED again turns on and stays on.

Hind by NUOS – Touchless Thermal Doorbell Switch – Specification:

45mm x 48mm x 45mm

100 g

Measuring Range:
35°C to 45°C (95°F to 113°F)

Result Time:
1 second

Output Indication:

  • Light Indication:
    • Blue LED blink for Normal person(33 to 38°C)
    • Red LED blink for Sick person (above 38°C)
  • Sound Indication:
    • 1 bell for Normal person
    • 3 bells for Sick person
  • Temperature display on 7 segment display

Power Consumption:
100 mW

Power Supply:
85 – 265 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz, 1ph

Operating Temperature:
20°C to 35°C

Operating Humidity:



  • 1 Year warranty on Manufacturing defect
  • Physical and Water damage are not covered
  • Product once sold would not be refunded
  • Product not to be used outdoor and under direct sunlight or glare
  • There should not be any reflective surface in front of the product

Additional Accessory:

Fits into Legrand 2 Module Switch Plate – Legrand Model – Lyncus, Myrius & Arteor

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